Benefits of using Our Marketing Group

Based out of Charlotte, NC, offers your business the ability to have a part-time, in-house marketing expert that can help you get more results from your web, marketing and advertising efforts while allowing you to focus on your core business. We can assist you achieve in three levels of the sales process. Click on the Orange Building Blocks above to learn more about specific services.

  • More Traffic to your web site & point of purchase – More traffic means more opportunity to convert viewers to buyers.
  • More Conversions to Sales – higher percentage of viewers and shoppers turned into sales.
  • More Sales from Existing Traffic – upselling and increasing profitability from current traffic and customers.
  • Simplify Your Business – Our Marketing Group allows you to focus on the rest of your business
  • Save Time – While you may be able to do some of the items mentioned here, Our Marketing Group experts can do them in a fraction of the time, saving you from having to re-learn skills and software you don’t normally use in your day-to-day operations
  • In-House Expertise – Like a regular employee, you will have access to an expert in SEO, web development, graphics, and marketing

Freelance contract marketing, web, SEO, Charlotte, NCMore Web Site & Business Traffic

This is an easy concept: The more people that come to your store (web site/place of business), the more chance you have to sell something to them. (Even if you online goal is to build credibility or generate leads or provide information, the concept is the same.) More eyes mean more potential revenue. Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NC can help you build your web site traffic through…

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More Conversions to Sales

Freelance contract marketing, web, SEO, Charlotte, NCAside from increasing your Traffic, we will help focus on getting a higher percentage of your current (and future) viewers/shoppers converted from being just window shoppers to sales. Let’s take that same example from above and say that you are currently converting about 1% of your viewers. You may be doing more or less than that. If you don’t know, we can help you track that.

The Tasks associated with Conversions are the least sexiest of our services, but by far, increasing your percentage of Conversions to Sales is the most cost effective way to dramatically impact your results. A simple raise from 1% to 2% in conversions is a 100% increase in sales from the same number of visitors!

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Freelance contract marketing, web, SEO, Charlotte, NCIncrease Sales & Profits from Existing Customers

Many clients miss opportunities to UPSELL customers once they have already committed to a sale. Our Marketing Group will brainstorm with you on ways to increase the profitability of each sale, so that you make more from every possible sale.

There’s a cost associated with acquiring every customer. But once you have them sold, are you making the most from each one? Once they have decided to make a purchase, you more than half way there. Why not make a little extra? Our Marketing Group can assist you in making more money from each sale and each customer.

  • Email Broadcast Reminders – they have already been to your site or signed up, why not get them to come back for something they are interested in?
  • Feature Upsell Products – make it easy for customer to make impulse buys while checking out
  • Follow Up Procedures & Tracking – we can help you learn to track your customers and where your money is best being spent
  • Marketing Consulting – we can help brainstorm and inspire new and creative ways to approach your marketing from a big picture point of view down to execution
  • Collateral & Brochure Design – using printed material and traditional advertising is a great way to get current customers to return to your business or site with focused and affordable targeted marketing

Example: Increased Profitability from Each Sale

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Our Marketing Group Makes It All Possible!

Our goal is to achieve all these things as your in house marketing group. By combining the best of SEO, content and design, landing page development, focusing on high margin objectives and upselling, we can help you achieve more profitable business with less effort on your part.

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Our Marketing Group Services

Our Marketing Group, SEO, email marketing, PPC strategies Contact Our Marketing Group about how they can assist you monthly as a part-time marketing department without the full time cost, or Metheney Consulting on developing your online marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click advertising strategies), email campaigns, web site maintenance and development, web site design, blog development, and traditional marketing consulting on a project-by-project basis. Our Marketing Group provides digital marketing services for a fraction of the cost via monthly retainers and sliding scale hourly contracts. Call or email us at .