Case Study: More Profit

More profit Social Media Marketing Plan, SEO, Pay Per Click, Email advertising by Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NCMany clients miss opportunities to UPSELL (and increase their profit) customers once they have already committed to a sale. Our Marketing Group will brainstorm with you on ways to increase the profitability of each sale, so that you make more from every possible sale. For example, if on average, you could increase each sale (with more profitable items, increasing your profitability) by as little as 5%…

…Increase in profitability by 5%   = 1,000 (viewers)  x .01 (conversion rate) = 10 sales  x  ($500 x 1.05 or) $525 profit = $5,250 profit

..Increase in profitability by 10% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 10 sales  x  ($500 x 1.10 or) $550 profit = $5,500 profit

…Increase in profitability by 15% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 10 sales  x  ($500 x 1.15 or) $575 profit = $5,750 profit

Now multiply that AVERAGE increase in profitability times every sale you make in the course of a year!

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