Case Study: More Sales Conversions

More Conversions to Sales SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email advertising by Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NCAside from increasing your Traffic, we will help focus on getting a higher percentage of your current (and future) viewers/shoppers converted from being just window shoppers to sales. Let’s take that same example from above and say that you are currently converting about 1% of your viewers. You may be doing more or less than that. If you don’t know, we can help you track that.

1,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 10 sales  x  $500 profit = $5,000 current profit

Enter Our Marketing Group and through expertise in designing landing pages,better calls to action, creative copy writing, more exciting pages and updated specials, your…

Conversion Rate increases to 1.5% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .015 (conversion rate) = 15 sales  x  $500 profit = $7,500 profit
(an increase of $2,500 with no additional advertising costs)

Conversion Rate increases to 2.0% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .020 (conversion rate) = 20 sales  x  $500 profit = $10,000 profit
(an increase of $5,000 with no additional advertising costs)

Conversion Rate increases to 3.0% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .030 (conversion rate) = 30 sales  x  $500 profit = $15,000 profit(an increase of $10,000 with no additional advertising costs)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that even a single one point increase in Sales Conversions can mean BIG profits. We have had clients in the past experience as much as 10-12% Conversion Rate. These are Amazon level stats! Now, not everyone will get that type of increase, but do the same math above with just 5%…

Conversion Rate increases to 5.0% = 1,000 (viewers)  x  .05 (conversion rate) = 50 sales  x  $500 profit = $25,000 profit

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