Case Study: More Web Traffic

Case STudy: More Web Site TrafficThis is an easy concept: The more people that come to your store (web site/place of business), the more chance you have to sell something to them. (Even if you online goal is to build credibility or generate leads or provide information, the concept is the same.) More eyes mean more potential revenue.

Example: Do some easy math. Let’s say you are getting 1,000 viewers/window shoppers at your site. Theoretically, let’s say you are currently converting 1% of those to sales. For the sake of demonstration, let’s also assume a $500 profit per sale (use your own figures here).  This means that currently your marketing math looks something likes this:

1,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (1% conversion rate) = 10 sales  x  $500 profit = $5000 current profit

Now what if you had an in-house marketing dept that was Search Engine Optimizing your site, increasing traffic through Pay Per Click advertising, more intriguing ad copy, creating email broadcasts that were getting more people to visit the site more often, and their efforts resulted in a…

…Traffic Increase of 10%  =  1,100 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 11 sales  x  $500 profit = $5,500 profit

…Traffic Increase of 20%  =  1,200 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 12 sales  x  $500 profit = $6,000 profit

…Traffic Increase of 30%  =  1,300 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 13 sales  x  $500 profit = $6,500 profit

and so on… But what if it was a…

Traffic Increase of 100%  =  2,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 20 sales  x  $500 profit = $10,000 profit

Traffic Increase of 200%  =  3,000 (viewers)  x  .01 (conversion rate) = 30 sales  x  $500 profit = $30,000 profit

Traffic increases take time, but Our Marketing Group can work toward increasing your traffic every week and you don’t have to pay a big up front fee for that assistance. This means you will be seeing results while increasing your cash flow and paying as you go.

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