Email Campaigns

Smart Email Broadcasts – professional template design, managing content/linkages, formatting content, monitoring results. Designed to draw more of your customers into the site and location, informative and interesting so they don’t cancel you, spam you, or ignore your emails.

Email marketing campaigns are one of our favorite ways to reach out to your clients and prospective customers. Our Marketing Group is a preferred vendor for some of the largest email systems in the world and we are happy to develop a strategy and design email templates for you to reach out to your market.

A good email campaign system will…

  • provide a way for recipients to unsubscribe
  • provide reporting tools for “reads”, clicks, tell you who, etc
  • allow you to customize email templates for custom newsletters or “personal” emails
  • provide alternatives to html emails such as web pages


Email broadcasts are one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to your market. And because of that, it is often the most abused. While Our Marketing Group is a firm believer in effective email marketing campaigns, we are one of the biggest advocates of anti-SPAM. SPAM email is one of the largest time wasters and we receive hundreds and hundreds of SPAM emails at our office every day. We will help you develop a cost-efficient email campaign but we will not purchase an email list on your behalf. We are happy to work with your lists of prospects who have opted-in and joined your mailing list voluntarily.

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