How OMG Works

How OMG Works: Our Marketing Group provides you with X number of hours per month dedicated to select marketing Tasks, just like any employee. We would preview these Tasks with you in case you had others or wanted to re-prioritize them. These Tasks would be prioritized by…

  1. Immediacy of Generating Revenue – i.e. direct email campaign, specials pages
  2. Logical Needs – i.e. you should have your landing pages designed & optimized BEFORE paying for PPC or SEO so when they do come, you are maximizing your potential for engaging them (and not wasting money).
  3. Long Term Savings or Benefits – i.e. SEO takes longer to take effect but results last longer and are cost effective
  4. Regular Maintenance – updating product photos, writing more marketing content, continually optimizing pages
  5. Reporting & Analysis – keeping an eye on the results of all marketing efforts, working on Customer Relationship Management tools

How OMG Works advertising & marketing servicesEvery month Our Marketing Group will provide an electronic invoice summarizing the Tasks which you could pay by (immediately) via credit card through the online invoice. Check and bank transfer payment options are also available. All payments must be made promptly on or before the 1st and 5th of each month.

Your company gets the weekly benefit of an expert in online and traditional marketing at a fraction of the cost of a regular ad agency or employee and Our Marketing Group benefits by gaining billable hours (albeit at a much, much lower rate) between major projects.  Plainly put: We’re using this reduced rate program as filler.

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Pricing is customized to each clients needs, based on a minimum number of hours contracted weekly for and length of contract. The longer the term of the contract, the less you pay. The more weekly hours you contract for, the less you pay.

If requested tasks are going to take longer than contract number of hours, we will notify you, in advance, to get your approval. We can…

  • defer the extra work to the next time period
  • invoice for the additional hours during your next invoice period
  • replace the requested Task with something else on the Task list.

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Our Marketing Group, SEO, email marketing, PPC strategies Contact Our Marketing Group about how they can assist you monthly as a part-time marketing department without the full time cost, or Metheney Consulting on developing your online marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click advertising strategies), email campaigns, web site maintenance and development, web site design, blog development, and traditional marketing consulting on a project-by-project basis. Our Marketing Group provides digital marketing services for a fraction of the cost via monthly retainers and sliding scale hourly contracts. Call or email us at .