Case Study: More Profit

More profit Social Media Marketing Plan, SEO, Pay Per Click, Email advertising by Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NCMany clients miss opportunities to UPSELL (and increase their profit) customers once they have already committed to a sale. Our Marketing Group will brainstorm with you on ways to increase the profitability of each sale, so that you make more from every possible sale. For example, if on average, you could increase each sale (with more profitable items, increasing your profitability) by as little as 5%… Continue reading “Case Study: More Profit”

Case Study: More Sales Conversions

More Conversions to Sales SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Email advertising by Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NCAside from increasing your Traffic, we will help focus on getting a higher percentage of your current (and future) viewers/shoppers converted from being just window shoppers to sales. Let’s take that same example from above and say that you are currently converting about 1% of your viewers. You may be doing more or less than that. If you don’t know, we can help you track that. Continue reading “Case Study: More Sales Conversions”